Serviced Industries

ESNJ understands that different industries involve and work within different environmental conditions and inhabitants. This usually will require separate, specific and individually designed approaches (Mitigation Plans) for each client and for each of their losses, depending on a cumulative of factors.

There are also everchanging technologies to consider; both on the remediation side, as well as the structure, contents and equipment that need restoration. Buildings that were built Fifty or so years ago will react differently than the newer tighter enveloped structures of recent years, as well as having different materials used, also factoring in our decision making.

ESNJ prides itself in making every effort to investigate and understand each structure &/or situation as we begin our assessments and develop our Mitigation Plans and Scopes of Work.

Serviced Industries

ESNJ has served and continues to serve all industries including, but not limited to:

  • Health Care Facilities

  • School Systems / Universities

  • Industrial / Manufacturing

  • Commercial Retail / Office Space

  • Hospitality / Food Service

  • Apartment Complexes

  • High Rise Condominiums

  • Government Facilities

  • US Military Bases

  • Non-Profit / Church Organizations

  • Historic Preservation Locations

  • Resorts / Casinos / Hotels