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Call Us 24/7 – 365. When there is an emergency, we will respond.

Disaster Recovery

We are prepared to respond immediately to any natural disaster in NJ or the US through our company and our coalition partners.

Fire, Flood, Mold

Whether you have damage from fire, flooding or mold, we will work with you and your insurance company to restore your home. We have extensive experience in these areas and can help guide you through this process.

Our Services

  • Industrial Projects

  • Commercial Projects

  • Residential Projects

  • Schools, Colleges, Universities

  • FEMA Experienced

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Fire/Smoke Damage

  • Storm/Flood Damage

  • Mold Remdiation

  • House Drying

  • Restoration Services

  • Disaster Preparedness Action Plan

  • Complete Rebuilds

  • Demolition

  • House Raising

  • Outstanding Service

Full Service Solution

Emergency Services NJ specializes in Commercial, Industrial & Residential projects. We offer preparedness plans for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Businesses and any other entity who is interested in being prepared for any kind of disaster whether it be a fire, flood, storm, hurricane, toxic spill or accident. The value in being prepared and having a plan for anything that may go wrong, can save lives, save equipment, save your structure from further damage and save money

We are on call around the clock, ready to administer our services as soon as they are needed. We believe that a quick response time is the key to effective restoration, so our team is trained to act fast.

We are a proud member of (CDR) – The Coalition of Disaster Responders. A fully trained and qualified group of professionals in disaster recovery. This coalition allows us to service the entire US and respond immediately to any disaster or emergency.

Call: 1-877-761-ESNJ (3765)

#1 Flood, Fire, Disaster Restoration Services

Our fire damage services cover damage caused by large or small fires. We assess and repair structural damage, restore furniture and other household items where possible, remove smoke smell, and safely dispose of damaged items. Our team is trained to handle damaged items with care, respect and sensitivity. We never leave our clients in a home where they are not safe. If we are unable to complete structural repairs, the client is notified immediately.

We also provide natural disaster cleanup, from flood, fire, and wind. Our natural disaster services cover damage to both the interior and exterior of your home.

All of our services are executed quickly enough to prevent further damage, but with the care and sensitivity required to ensure your home is safe, stable, and comfortable enough for you to return. Our team is highly experienced and diverse, with our capabilities ranging from minor repair to major restoration and everything in between.

For more detailed information on each of our services, please visit our service pages. Do not hesitate to contact us directly. Remember, our ability to repair and restore your home relies on immediacy, so if your home has suffered an emergency, please contact us right away to discuss how we can help you.